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Superhero Zodiac Signs List Part 1

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Superman is a Cancer– Caring, loyal, dependable,caring responsive. They are lovers and are willing to stay with one women. The guys are very patient and are very caring towards their love ones.They carry morals and strong beliefs and are usually iconic figures to others.

Batman is a Gemini-2 faced of the zodiac. I read from a source that gave a description about Bruce being a gemini that Bruce to society is social, witty, clever, energetic businessman who is a play boy but on the inside is keeping back his dark and serious side from the world. It’s also been state that Gemini can be sociopaths.The most intellectual signs and are known as the know it alls.

Flash(Barry Allen) is a Aquarius– Inventive,scientific,good-hearted, observant. These guys have a way with keeping the happy going mood when they are not detached from their emotions or going crazy in their scientific experiement. These signs are no for intellect and their observation skills. They are good at reading people and are naturally for the good of others.

Wonder Women is a Virgo-This courageous yet ambitious women is set to be a Virgo. Holding a high position among the Amazon and possessing strong leadership. She is very courageous and nurturing yet can become infuriated.These women are organized, proper and expect things to go as planned.They are dominant and very practical.They do not fall in traps so easily.

Green Lantern(Hal Jordan) is an Picses– This imaginative sign is best suited for the Green Lantern. In order to hold use the ring you need to have an imagination very distinct from others. Hal Jordan is compassionate and devoted to his job as a lantern.Just like a picses. These signs after obtaining power can fall under arrogance and stubbornness and rub off as cocky but mean well.

Oliver Queen is a Aries– Very outspoken, short tempered, womanizer, cocky but is also very adventurous and are very independent. They are not scared to take a stand for anything and are very optimistic. When they fall in love, they fall deep.(Black Canary)

Black Canary is a Gemini- Very social, reliable, easy to get along and is very reliable. She is the balance to Oliver. She is very outspoken and very seductive but keeps to many secrets inside.

Dick Grayson is a libra– This social, charming, easy to get along with, well balanced sign who are also the glue to many teams. Libras are goodhearted people who have a strong sense for justice. They love romance but are usually wondering around trying to find the right one. Which makes them look like whores. They can be detached from emotions and heavy thinkers but thrive for adventure.They are usually optimistic and very playful/easy-going yet serious.I believe these are the signs that are most favored.

Tim Drake is a Aquarius– Very analytic, detached from emotions, very calculating, observant and are very intellectual to the point of genius. Tim Drake is a natural born detective and has always been able to use his intellect to his advantage. Tim is friendly to those he cares about and can show consideration but no other sign can switch off their like Aquarius.

Barbara Gordon is a Cancer– Barbara is very responsive and caring to those she cares for. A very independent women but can be weak to her emotions which can drive her to do things she may end up regretting. Cancers are great friends and are always willing to hear you out and give you advice. They take their work seriously and walk strong but are fragile on the inside.

Super Girl is a Aries- Powerful and very dominate. Power Girl is a leader and show dominance in her present. She is not scared to speak her mind and constantly seeks adventure. She comes off cocky and arrogant at times but its out of the benefit for others.

Damian Wayne is a Scorpio-Dominate, rebellious, intelligent and bases his intent on revenge.Does not mind killing his opponent if they cross them the wrong way. Damian is very intelligent fro his age and shows a very strong character.

Wally West is a Taurus– Very energetic, never seems to grow up, stubborn, can come off lazy but are devoted once they have their mind on something. Wally is quick to temper and can come off cocky but love to have a good time. Wally is always in a positive mood and is a major ladies man.

Superboy is a Taurus– Very stubborn and can be portrayed as a child but deep down Taurus men are lovers and are very compassionate and loving to the ones they love.

Donna Troy is a Sagittarius– enthusiastic, passionate, adventurous,optimistic direct and always there for the ones she cares for.Out spoken and appears with dominance.