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Relationship Advice- Superman x Lois Lane

True love, I must admit. The Romeo and Juliette of the DC Universe. Also an iconic relationship to many viewers. You constantly hear” I’ll be your Superman and you can be my Lois Lane.” Now, Clark, how do you do it? You are an attractive guy who is able to get a lot of women. How do you just simply stay committed to one girl? You are a hero. I’m surprised Bruce doesn’t always criticize you for as much women Bruce has slept with. Although, I respect that you are able to stay committed. I see why you are an icon in the ideal of a boyfriend. Now, I am jealous Clark. You have everything in life for free. What do I mean by that? Well, if you wanted to go on vacation, you do not need to buy a plane ticket. You can just fly while the rest of us has to buy a really expensive plan ticket for a 2 day stay. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad you guys are with each other. Looks as if you guys were destined to meet. Like the planet of Krypton was supposed to be destroyed so you, Clark Kent, can meet the women of your dreams.Lois is great for you! I mean this women knows your secret and has not spilled your identity. We know she is not with you for the money because just revealing who you really are will make her a “Celebrity Over Night”. Every panel I see you guys in, the viewers and myself get excited and inspired because we crave to obtain a relationship with such chemistry.

Space City Con 2014

If you have not visited a comic con yet, you are missing out! It will be the best experience of your life. So many people to meet, so many interesting cosplays and you’ll get the insight on many animes, comics and movies that will be releasing or they are giving away before the world gets to see it. It’s an experience that will leave you wanting more. There will be one hosted at the Javits Center in New York City on October 9-13,2014. I advise everyone to go if you live nearby or willing to travel long distance for this spectacular event.

Relationship Advice- Dick Grayson and Starfire



A beautiful couple indeed.It was like a teenage love story between you two. You guys were the perfect blend and still have the opportunity to become that perfect blend again but I would not recommend it.I was a huge fan of the relationship you guys shared. There was a deep love and connection that you guys understood and the readers saw. Although, over time it became more of a possessive or “can’t let go” thing after the incident that occurred at the wedding. Everything fell between lust or confusion of emotions. Starfire, I know you were or still are deeply in love with Dick. You’ve even stated something as to giving your heart to Mr.Grayson and never wanting it back. That is deep. I know you were devastated when Dick told you that he “Didn’t love you anymore” at the poolside. This was in fact a smart thing to do. In fact, it shows that Grayson cares for you. You may view it differently but let me explain why. In this generation, you find many men who manipulate a women’s emotions to satisfy their needs. There was time where Dick has done this and you two shared intimate moments. Although, instead of using you, he was just confused about his emotions but he was able to look deep down in himself and find the true answer.answer. I’m assuming in his mind he was done leading you on and the truth had to come out. It was time to move on. It hurt you just as much as it hurt Dick. Surprising ins’t it? He’s been with you for the majority of Titan years. Even was willing to marry you and start a life together with you but not all love stories end happily. Now, Grayson, many fans feel that you are an idiot for leaving Starfire because she was a women that was always there for you, supported you and stuck around through the worst situation. You did what you had to do and you actually made a smart move. You didn’t continue leading Stafire on, to have her heart attached to you. You avoided a further heartbreak. You knew what you were going to lose but you also knew that “the feelings” were just not there anymore. You two going separate paths was an excellent idea because you are given the opportunity to find who you really are and explore the world at a single perspective. The freedom to do as you please without any restriction. After you guys adventured your life for a bit, maybe, the older and much more mature, Dick Grayson and Starfire can reconnect for another love story. Until now, stay separate and manage your lives.

CHECK IT OUT!New York Comic Con Poster. (October 9-12,2014)



It’s only right to have Batman for the cover of this poster. Gotham City is technically the comic book version of New York City. Batman is the icon of the huge city, which is only right because he emerges from the darkest of the night to protect the city and its people.So, this is a appreciation towards the vigilante .October 9-12,2014 are the days the Comic Con will accessible. Also, be aware that Javits Center is hosting the NYCC once again.They always do an incredible job at hosting.For more info and ticket pricing please visit link below).

Sorry Readers….



Sorry readers for my absence. I’ve been having personal issues lately and needed the last few days to cope with my issues.Now, I am back and ready to post.I’ll be posting everything I was suppose to post in the next few hours. I’ve lost readers but i’ll hopefully have the power to bring them back. Thank you to those who show support and read my post. 

3 Superheroes That Need A Reboot In The Film Industry.

I am dying to see new superheroes appear on the big screen such as Nightwing but there are some heroes who have appeared on screen and have yet to satisfy the viewers. It would be great to see these characters given another chance to impress the audience and obtain better reviews.