San Diego Comic Con 2014


Relationship Advice- Dick Grayson and Starfire



A beautiful couple indeed.It was like a teenage love story between you two. You guys were the perfect blend and still have the opportunity to become that perfect blend again but I would not recommend it.I was a huge fan of the relationship you guys shared. There was a deep love and connection that you guys understood and the readers saw. Although, over time it became more of a possessive or “can’t let go” thing after the incident that occurred at the wedding. Everything fell between lust or confusion of emotions. Starfire, I know you were or still are deeply in love with Dick. You’ve even stated something as to giving your heart to Mr.Grayson and never wanting it back. That is deep. I know you were devastated when Dick told you that he “Didn’t love you anymore” at the poolside. This was in fact a smart thing to do. In fact, it shows that Grayson cares for you. You may view it differently but let me explain why. In this generation, you find many men who manipulate a women’s emotions to satisfy their needs. There was time where Dick has done this and you two shared intimate moments. Although, instead of using you, he was just confused about his emotions but he was able to look deep down in himself and find the true answer.answer. I’m assuming in his mind he was done leading you on and the truth had to come out. It was time to move on. It hurt you just as much as it hurt Dick. Surprising ins’t it? He’s been with you for the majority of Titan years. Even was willing to marry you and start a life together with you but not all love stories end happily. Now, Grayson, many fans feel that you are an idiot for leaving Starfire because she was a women that was always there for you, supported you and stuck around through the worst situation. You did what you had to do and you actually made a smart move. You didn’t continue leading Stafire on, to have her heart attached to you. You avoided a further heartbreak. You knew what you were going to lose but you also knew that “the feelings” were just not there anymore. You two going separate paths was an excellent idea because you are given the opportunity to find who you really are and explore the world at a single perspective. The freedom to do as you please without any restriction. After you guys adventured your life for a bit, maybe, the older and much more mature, Dick Grayson and Starfire can reconnect for another love story. Until now, stay separate and manage your lives.