Gotham Trailer

Every wonder how was Gotham before Batman protected the city? Who was/were the heroes of Gotham at a time where the masked vigilantie was just a boy? What cause villains to rise and cause chaos to city of Gotham? We’ll be able to get the full details on September 22,2014 when the series “Gotham”premiers on Fox. The series is based on Gotham before Batman watched over the city.James Gordon, who is played by Ben McKenzie, will be the main character in the series and will be showing viewers his story during the early days of Gotham. Expect many special appearances such as young Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Penguin, Joker,etc. There stories will be untold and we will know how each characters origin. I am truly excited for this.


Comic Book Character #3- The Joker


A “The Joker”-“Psychotic, sinister and devious. The perfect and yet well developed villain in D.C history. I’ve grown fond of the Joker since a little boy. I’ve always liked the bad guys, especially when they are just plain out bad asses. The villains are the one who see the world in a way that only a few can comprehend, or even none at all. I love the Joker for his mischievous and strategic method of bringing chaos to Batman and the city of Gotham. A man who can manipulate a situation, terrorize a group of thugs with just one glance or smile and is so cold and heartless that he will kill you for no reason, or even for a stupid reason such as looking down during a conversation while he is talking to you. The Joker is a hard character to understand and is unreadable to many heroes. He does things because he can do it or feels like it. A man who sets the rules himself and follows his own laws.A true villain and a mastermind. I am not evil myself but i’m just fascinated with people who do whatever the hell they want.”


This is a very interesting “appreciation” post. I was not hoping for anyone to actually talk about a villain this way, Please feel free to send me your appreciation post with the hero you selected