Relationship Advice- Superman x Lois Lane

True love, I must admit. The Romeo and Juliette of the DC Universe. Also an iconic relationship to many viewers. You constantly hear” I’ll be your Superman and you can be my Lois Lane.” Now, Clark, how do you do it? You are an attractive guy who is able to get a lot of women. How do you just simply stay committed to one girl? You are a hero. I’m surprised Bruce doesn’t always criticize you for as much women Bruce has slept with. Although, I respect that you are able to stay committed. I see why you are an icon in the ideal of a boyfriend. Now, I am jealous Clark. You have everything in life for free. What do I mean by that? Well, if you wanted to go on vacation, you do not need to buy a plane ticket. You can just fly while the rest of us has to buy a really expensive plan ticket for a 2 day stay. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad you guys are with each other. Looks as if you guys were destined to meet. Like the planet of Krypton was supposed to be destroyed so you, Clark Kent, can meet the women of your dreams.Lois is great for you! I mean this women knows your secret and has not spilled your identity. We know she is not with you for the money because just revealing who you really are will make her a “Celebrity Over Night”. Every panel I see you guys in, the viewers and myself get excited and inspired because we crave to obtain a relationship with such chemistry.


Destiny Walk Through Part 1( Get a glimpse of the game)

I have yet not played the game but I will soon have it in my possession. So far, the game looks captivating. From the graphics to the game play, the game looks as if it is filled with adventure and many mysteries that has to be solved.I will be ordering my game through amazon. Here is the link to http://gamedoutgeek.Destiny – PlayStation 4
Here are some of the screenshots from the game. It’s going to be a beautiful game!







Anime Appreciation Character #2-Ichigo Kurosaki


Robby- ” Ichigo Kurosaki..Man, I could not explain how important this character has been to me but i’m going to give it a shot. First off, I use to be a wimp that never got picked on but I was scared of fighting for any cause. Ironically, I was the oldest brother of a younger sister. There was an incident when a guy was disrespectful and I had to defend my sister. So, of course the butterfly feeling ran down my stomach. I just kept thinking what will Ichigo do. Ichigo will defend his loves one at all cost, he will go out and fight without any hesitation in order to protect. This gave me the confidence to overlook my butterfly feelings and go and resolve the issue. I use Ichigo as a self motivator because he’s a character that never gives up on himself. Even during his worst moments,such as the arc where he lost his shinigami powers, that did not stop him from fighting or finding a solution to his problems. He’s a huge icon in my life and i’m thankful to be able to witness such a character. So everyone put you hands together and appreciate Ichigo Kurosaki”