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Anime Character Appreciation #7- Naruto Uzumaki


NarutoFan12-” I know many hate Naruto as a character and find him very annoying but if you look deeply you’ll see why he is such an inspiring character. During the first episodes of Naruto you see a very bratty, obnoxious, overly competitive kid who always stood out for his love ones. He was out spoken and never really listened to any instructions. On top of all that he was born alone, with no family members. He only had support from a few people in the village.Overtime, as you watch him grow, you notice how he becomes less of a bratty kid and into attentive and “always wanting to learn and get stronger” ¬†attitude. Naruto trained hard to protect his love ones and everyone in the village. In shippuden, he is more mature yet still a bit kiddish. As the anime/ manga progressed he became more serious and more aware of what is going on around. Even though his attitude is more mature and more resposnsible he has never lost sight of his goals, to become Hokage. He has been demonstrating that recently in the manga. Naruto is fit to be leader although he still has alot to learn. Naruto is the definition of a hero. He demonstrates the traits heroes have as a child then when they get older. Heroes always end up admired and hold a leadership among the people. Naruto will become Hokage. Just you wait!”

Comic Book Character Appreciation #7- Batman/ Bruce Wayne


BraimAP– ” The best comic book character in history. AN iconic figure in the comic universe and has set an example that humans are just as powerful as super heroes or villains. Whether yo are born with powers or not, it does not matter, it all depends on you. Bruce is a sociopathic yet social character. What do I mean by that? As Bruce Wayne, he is the playboy who has alot of money who does nothing but talk crap and show off. While as Batman, he is serious, calculating, intelligent, strong and aggressive. I think without Batmans expertise and knowledge, the JLA will constantly fail. Batman has a plan for everything and shows no emotion to his work. He simply gets the job done. I think Batman should really be placed as a military icon or Police icon. Batman is capable to do the unthinkable to help these guys, especially the police force. Bruce is not only a major player on the team of JLA but he is also a very protective, caring and loving father to his four most prized possession. Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian.Also the father and son connection he shares with Alfred is priceless.It’s hard for him to show feelings but the things he’ll do to keep his family safe and the people of Gotham is amazing. The Dark Knight is an inspiration.”

Comic Book Character Appreciation # 6- Deadpool


J. Roc“Yo! Yo! What can I say, Deadpool is the man! The biggest sarcastic and funniest man in comic book history. You cannot sit there and say you have not laughed at one of Deadpool’s jokes. I mean seriously, who is able to rub his face against a girls boobs, talk crap and still be able to hold his own against anyone. The guy cannot die for christ sakes. The anti-hero comedian is what I like to call him. “Bang! Bang!” Deadpool has always been himself and thats what I like. He has never changed his attitude no matter whats his alignment. He is a character that should really have his own series or movies for it will rank number one. Who doesn’t like a hero with alot of humor and comebacks to almost everything? The only odd goofball in the group to sing songs before he kills you or beats you up. I love how fun Deadpool portrays himself and his reckless attitude. Deadpool is the best character yo!”

New York Comic Con October 9-13, 2014 (Right Around the Corner!)



It’s only right to have Batman for the cover of this poster. Gotham City is technically the comic book version of New York City. Batman is the icon of the huge city, which is only right because he emerges from the darkest of the night to protect the city and its people.So, this is a appreciation towards the vigilante .October 9-12,2014 are the days the Comic Con will accessible. Also, be aware that Javits Center is hosting the NYCC once again.They always do an incredible job at hosting.For more info and ticket pricing please visit link below).