DEADPOOL- Test Footage

What’s more exciting? THe fact Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool or Deadpool having his own movie? Whatever gets you more excited, I am just glad that this infamous anti hero is getting his shot of fame with his own movie. It’s about time the entertainment industry gives this foul mouthed, sadistic, badass a chance to impress his viewers and fans.

Comic Book Character Appreciation # 6- Deadpool


J. Roc“Yo! Yo! What can I say, Deadpool is the man! The biggest sarcastic and funniest man in comic book history. You cannot sit there and say you have not laughed at one of Deadpool’s jokes. I mean seriously, who is able to rub his face against a girls boobs, talk crap and still be able to hold his own against anyone. The guy cannot die for christ sakes. The anti-hero comedian is what I like to call him. “Bang! Bang!” Deadpool has always been himself and thats what I like. He has never changed his attitude no matter whats his alignment. He is a character that should really have his own series or movies for it will rank number one. Who doesn’t like a hero with alot of humor and comebacks to almost everything? The only odd goofball in the group to sing songs before he kills you or beats you up. I love how fun Deadpool portrays himself and his reckless attitude. Deadpool is the best character yo!”