Sorry Readers….



Sorry readers for my absence. I’ve been having personal issues lately and needed the last few days to cope with my issues.Now, I am back and ready to post.I’ll be posting everything I was suppose to post in the next few hours. I’ve lost readers but i’ll hopefully have the power to bring them back. Thank you to those who show support and read my post. 


Justice League New Frontier Epilogue -Inspirational Video

I decided to post this video to give those a sense of hope and a sense of inspiration. We are pioneers of this world and we are able to construct how our future will be and the world we live in. So much negativity has filled our lives and has brought up to think that the only solution to a problem is to resolve it violently. Bringing peace to this world is nearly impossible but we cant lose that hope. We may not bring peace but we can live a better and safe lifestyle. I actually want to see our children grow into adulthood without them starving to death or being killed. They are our future and yet the population for children is dropping rapidly everyday. Now, I do not want people to say this for just for Americans. This post is for everyone.Disregard the video referring to the U.S and the fact that it is John F. Kennedy speaking.Simply, listen to the words. We live in a “what it seems” hopeless world but I advise everyone to not lose hope. Please, spread this post everywhere and the hope. I was inspired to write this for the incidents that are occurring in Gaza, Missouri and other countries. Spread the word of hope and inspire others to not lose it. Thank you.

We all have an ability to be heroes, you just need to stand up and fight for what you believe in.