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DEADPOOL- Test Footage

What’s more exciting? THe fact Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool or Deadpool having his own movie? Whatever gets you more excited, I am just glad that this infamous anti hero is getting his shot of fame with his own movie. It’s about time the entertainment industry gives this foul mouthed, sadistic, badass a chance to impress his viewers and fans.

Anime Character Appreciation #7- Naruto Uzumaki


NarutoFan12-” I know many hate Naruto as a character and find him very annoying but if you look deeply you’ll see why he is such an inspiring character. During the first episodes of Naruto you see a very bratty, obnoxious, overly competitive kid who always stood out for his love ones. He was out spoken and never really listened to any instructions. On top of all that he was born alone, with no family members. He only had support from a few people in the village.Overtime, as you watch him grow, you notice how he becomes less of a bratty kid and into attentive and “always wanting to learn and get stronger” ¬†attitude. Naruto trained hard to protect his love ones and everyone in the village. In shippuden, he is more mature yet still a bit kiddish. As the anime/ manga progressed he became more serious and more aware of what is going on around. Even though his attitude is more mature and more resposnsible he has never lost sight of his goals, to become Hokage. He has been demonstrating that recently in the manga. Naruto is fit to be leader although he still has alot to learn. Naruto is the definition of a hero. He demonstrates the traits heroes have as a child then when they get older. Heroes always end up admired and hold a leadership among the people. Naruto will become Hokage. Just you wait!”

Relationship Advice- Superman x Lois Lane

True love, I must admit. The Romeo and Juliette of the DC Universe. Also an iconic relationship to many viewers. You constantly hear” I’ll be your Superman and you can be my Lois Lane.” Now, Clark, how do you do it? You are an attractive guy who is able to get a lot of women. How do you just simply stay committed to one girl? You are a hero. I’m surprised Bruce doesn’t always criticize you for as much women Bruce has slept with. Although, I respect that you are able to stay committed. I see why you are an icon in the ideal of a boyfriend. Now, I am jealous Clark. You have everything in life for free. What do I mean by that? Well, if you wanted to go on vacation, you do not need to buy a plane ticket. You can just fly while the rest of us has to buy a really expensive plan ticket for a 2 day stay. It’s ridiculous. I’m glad you guys are with each other. Looks as if you guys were destined to meet. Like the planet of Krypton was supposed to be destroyed so you, Clark Kent, can meet the women of your dreams.Lois is great for you! I mean this women knows your secret and has not spilled your identity. We know she is not with you for the money because just revealing who you really are will make her a “Celebrity Over Night”. Every panel I see you guys in, the viewers and myself get excited and inspired because we crave to obtain a relationship with such chemistry.

Destiny Walk Through Part 1( Get a glimpse of the game)

I have yet not played the game but I will soon have it in my possession. So far, the game looks captivating. From the graphics to the game play, the game looks as if it is filled with adventure and many mysteries that has to be solved.I will be ordering my game through amazon. Here is the link to http://gamedoutgeek.Destiny – PlayStation 4
Here are some of the screenshots from the game. It’s going to be a beautiful game!







Comic Book Character Appreciation #1-Dick Grayson


The Creator B.P- Wow!I know I had such a growth with Dick Grayson. I actually have to say he is the guy who resembles me as a person most.I’ve always held this connection with Dick Grayson. The adventurous, brave, serious yet easy-going always suited to my taste/(Maybe because its my personality as well.) I always viewed my dad as Batman. It’s crazy because he acts like Bruce as well. Showing 2 sides of his personality. Not because he has character issues but because he knows what to provide to the world while keeping his analytical and very serious side to himself.He throws a facade but anyways..I always put myself in Dick’s shoes. He is the first son.So am I. I carry the load of 3 younger brothers.Just like Dick and so much more. He has taught me to always be who you are. He has struggled with abiding to someone expectations(Batman) but as he grew into Nightwing, he grew his own persona. Just like I did when I transformed into a man. It was no more being lead by my parents.I had to do what I had to do and grow into my own character. His big brother role,his leadership, his attitude…..almost everything that you will see in Dick, you’ll see in me.This is in fact my favorite superhero.I appreciate the fact he was created.

Anime Appreciation Character #1-Goku


The Creator:B.P- Growing up as a kid, I remember waking up early in the morning in order to catch a glimpse of this heroic figure. I know many of you have done the same thing. He goes by the name of Goku and he’s my biggest inspiration in the anime world. Goku, in many aspects, has taught me things that many to this day(I’m 18) have not taught me as well as him. I’ve learned to see the good in others and that not everyone is what they seem to be. Many can change from the negative to the positive. You just have to guide them. I’ve learned that when the times are tough, just smile and be very optimistic.The situation may be bad but there is always a solution. I’ve learned to protect my family and friends at whatever cost and to always nurture them. Goku has taught to be a good person. Not just to a selective few but to everyone. Goku has a huge effect on my character development. Just seeing his goodhearted nature shows me that even in a negative environment, you can still be could and make a difference. Let’s all show appreciation to Goku.