DEADPOOL- Test Footage

What’s more exciting? THe fact Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool or Deadpool having his own movie? Whatever gets you more excited, I am just glad that this infamous anti hero is getting his shot of fame with his own movie. It’s about time the entertainment industry gives this foul mouthed, sadistic, badass a chance to impress his viewers and fans.

Picture Of The Day #2- Dick Grayson X Tim Drake “It’s A Family Thing”



So far my favorite picture because it reminds me of my brother and I. I am the Dick Grayson and he is the Tim Drake.I had to post this up.


Who is Your favorite Bat Family Member?*In Need of Votes*


Who is your favorite Bat family character?Is it Bruce?Is it Grayson?Is it Tim or Jason? Let me know by placing your  votes(Click link to poll)

Favorite Bat Family