Adventure 307 – Another mysterious new member for the Legion

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A new hero and a new villain are added to the world of the Legion in Adventure 307 (April 1963), and Edmond Hamilton does his best to craft a genuine mystery story around it all.


After the raider Roxxas wipes out the entire civilization of the planet Trom, the Legion head off in weird little personal space ships to hunt him down.  Saturn Girl brings a new member onto the team, but conceals his powers and identity from everyone else.


The story plays fair on this, giving the reader genuine but subtle clues throughout, to his powers at any rate.  The fact that he is the sole survivor of the genocide on Trom can be deduced only by the fact that Saturn Girl is at pains to shield his identity from Roxxas.

The Legionnaires keep trying to guess at his powers, but not even Brainiac 5 can figure it out. …

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