A 24-hour day of giving, to end sex trafficking in the United States

I mainly post things about comics,games, and anime but that does not mean I can put some reality on my blog as well. Every anime, comic, game has heroes. A character willing to risk themselves for the greater good and for the safety of other people. If you are inspired by these heroes I ask each and every one of you to stand up for the children who have been used for sex trafficking and show that there are heroes in this world…Life isn’t filled with just cruel people.Let’s end this together!

TED Blog

It’s a challenge for anyone with a cause: How do you frame the issue so that people feel excited to get involved? For some causes, the answer is asking people to dump a bucket of ice on their head. For others, making that personal connection is even more tricky. 

This is exactly how a small group of attendees felt when they were posed with a question at TED2013: What are concrete steps they could take to stop sex trafficking in the United States? This question was one of 10 TED Challenges in 2013, designed to ignite big thinking around real-world problems, from clearing land mines in Vietnam to creating a better tracking system for vaccines.

At first, the group tasked with thinking about ending human trafficking was daunted by the size of the problem—and by the difficulty of connecting to it. “It’s an issue that a lot of people…

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