Withings moves beyond health gear with a new Wi-Fi camera


Security cameras are the most commonly purchased connected objects in people’s homes, according to both Staples and Lowes, so the news that Withings has added a $219 connected camera to its lineup is not terribly surprising; especially in the wake of Google buying Dropcam for $550 million. The Withings Home device is both a camera and an environmental monitor containing humidity, temperature and VOC (volatile organic compound) sensors.

The camera might not seem to fit with Withings’ current lineup of health-oriented devices from the scale to a connected blood pressure cuff, but a camera would be a powerful ally in any telemedicine effort, which is why I’m guessing the company is taking its connected lineup in this direction. We can certainly ask [company]Withings[/company] president Philippe Schwartz at Structure Connect in October 21 and 22, since he’ll be there talking about the divide between the quantified self and FDA approved medicine.

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