Possibility of a Supergirl TV Series?

Nerd World Problems

So browsing through Twitter, literally about 10 minutes before starting this post, I saw a post from the guys over at Comic Vine, talking about WB shopping around for a network to run a live action Supergirl series.  Here’s the article for reference, I was going to embed the tweet here but cannot get it working for the life of me.  Seriously, I’ve just wasted at least twenty minutes trying and failing to do it, so screw it.

Anyway, back on to the topic at hand, I’m really stoked for the idea of a Supergirl series but with the way the DC properties have been handled recently I’m remaining pretty cautious with my excitement.  Arrow has been pretty dark through it’s run so far, there’s been the odd light moment here and there, but on the whole it’s gone down the dark and “gritty” route, taking many cues from Batman…

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