Crunchyroll anime review: One Week Friends

Eight Dollar Khakis

Recommended as an anime to watch in the spring by Kotaku, I gave the 12-episode One Week Friends a play through. Guzzled down in just a matter of days, it was one of the more beautiful stories surrounded by attractive art, a memorable cast of characters, and a solid opening and closing scene. However, there’s a sense that the show could have done a little bit more, but it ultimately won’t leave you disappointment.

Photo from RABUJOI Photo from RABUJOI

One Week Friends

  • Episode length: 12
  • Genre: Slice of Life
  • Release year: 2014
  • Available on: Crunchyroll

One Week Friends‘ plot involves high school classmates Kaori Fujimiya and Yuki Hase. Seeing Fujimiya alone and not having any friends, Hase meets up with the girl on the roof of the school where she always has lunch. Learning that she has a problem with her memory resetting every Monday, Hase takes the challenge of reacquainting…

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