Comic Book Character Appreciation #5- Tim Drake Red Robin

Den-Pri“The perfect Robin in my eyes.He is smart, athletic, well-mannered, strong in character, knows when to use his emotions and when not to and also the alpha of pretty much everything when Dick is not around. Many may say Dick is the perfect Robin but that’s not the case. Tim Drake is by far very different from the other Robins. Tim Drake describes how me and my brother are. I will portray my older brother as Dick and I am Tim Drake. Being the younger brother we don’t always get much say in anything. That is why we younger siblings get fed up and start doing things on our own. Tim Drake has always been very independent and always did things on his own regardless of Nightwing or Batman being present on his journey.I believe is also the smartest and closest thing to Batman. His detective skills are superb along with his ability to strategically maneuver and think fast. Dick, Jason, and Damian have high intelligence/intellect but they cannot be compared to Tim’s. He eats, breath and lives of knowledge and always trying to find an answer to everything. I consider Tim Drake as an older brother because Dick can be very lenient while Tim demands and expects things to go accordingly without being too lenient or too pushy. He is the perfect balance. I resemble myself to Tim Drake alot. I really appreciate him.”


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