Comic Book Character Appreciation #4- Wolverine


Chris-” Who wants to be truly good and truly bad? I prefer to do whatever the hell I want and what is necessary to do things. Wolverine is a prime example of how I like to get things done. I am a caring person in fact but I do have a honest mouth, a temper and very stubborn. I dont like always being told what to do nor restricting my actions. If I have to beat a bully up for talking crap then I will, Ill talk about it later.Now, I do not want people to view me as an “animal” because of my nature. I am approachable, very fun to converse with, and a caring and loving guy to those I truly cherish.But you cannot be like this to everybody. Among the pack of friends I have developed a bond with, I am indeed a rebel and entirely fearless. When it comes to my love ones, I jump in no questions asked ad willing to fight anyone who stands in my way.I have a huge admiration towards Wolverine because I see myself in him.I can be a loner, I have friends but prefer to lead on my own, etc. I really appreciate Gamedoutgeek for letting spill my emotions for Wolverine.The world can see how much of a symbol he is to many peoples lives.Thank you!”


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