Comic Book Character #3- The Joker


A “The Joker”-“Psychotic, sinister and devious. The perfect and yet well developed villain in D.C history. I’ve grown fond of the Joker since a little boy. I’ve always liked the bad guys, especially when they are just plain out bad asses. The villains are the one who see the world in a way that only a few can comprehend, or even none at all. I love the Joker for his mischievous and strategic method of bringing chaos to Batman and the city of Gotham. A man who can manipulate a situation, terrorize a group of thugs with just one glance or smile and is so cold and heartless that he will kill you for no reason, or even for a stupid reason such as looking down during a conversation while he is talking to you. The Joker is a hard character to understand and is unreadable to many heroes. He does things because he can do it or feels like it. A man who sets the rules himself and follows his own laws.A true villain and a mastermind. I am not evil myself but i’m just fascinated with people who do whatever the hell they want.”


This is a very interesting “appreciation” post. I was not hoping for anyone to actually talk about a villain this way, Please feel free to send me your appreciation post with the hero you selected


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