Anime Appreciation Character #3- Vegeta



Trey- ” I felt a deep connection the moment i’ve seen Vegeta. It was the type of connection where someone resembled yourself on t.v but they were animated. He was the bad guy gone good. I was always troubled when I was young. I always fighting or picking fights, doing mischievous things, making fun of people etc. I was a really bad guy but I had love in my heart, I just always hood my feelings. In a bad environment(the hood), feelings are nothing. The only time I expressed my feelings were when I was defending myself and got very temperamental and impulsive. I am arrogant and prideful,so I always gave off a cocky appeal. I moved out the bad environment and relocated in a area where it was not extremely bad but safer. I met a guy(Who is now my bestfriend) who changed my perspective on many things. He was more lighthearted, peaceful, kind and so fourth. He opened my heart and showed me how to express myself in a proper way.We’ve fought from time to time due to differences but we always have each others back. Why I appreciate Vegeta? Not just because of the connection we shared but because of the transition he made from evil to good. Vegeta changed the people he once chilled with that were extremely negative to a more positive group of individual. I’ve made a transition from evil to good and changed my surroundings and group of friends.Just like Vegeta.”


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