Kakashi of “The Sharingan”- Chapter 688



It’s unbelievable how each character has developed since the airing of the first episode of Naruto. I’ve been a personal fan of Kakashi. A teacher who only taught his students to grow and to continue to fight even when the times are tough.He never gave up on his students and always willing to put his life on the edge for them,. It states in this chapter that Kakashi is fit to be the Sixth Hokage with Naruto coming as the 7th. I personally do agree, Kakashi is a man of morals and honor. Kakashi bears the traits of a leader and an inspiration to many. I am glad he has obtained the ability to use the sharingan on both eyes. We will now see what Kakashi Hatake is truly about and why he is the perfect candidate for the Hokage postion. 


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