Comic Book Character Appreciation #2-Spider-man(Peter Parker)


D Money– “What can I tell you. This immature,witty yet noble guy has really help me transform into what I am today. Spider-man to me is the definition of a true hero. The scientific,optimist, and most of all “your friendly neighborhood Spider-man” has not only taught me something but also taught his fans and his viewers lessons/morals. Peter Parker is really someone I look up too. I am a scientific junkie just like him but I am obsessed with how he uses his scientific knowledge to help others around him. His method of “putting others before him” may seem stupid to others but to me it is vital in my life. Amongst the members of my friends, I am the chatty, brainy, caring, imaginative,goofy friend who I also put their needs before mine. Spider-man taught me to never give up on those besides me and to always do what is necessary on doing the right thing. I know Spider-man lays in many of our hearts. He has pierced our emotions and wisdom through movies,cartoons and in comics. His nature and his morals I indeed follow. For doing the right thing is what I love doing. This web-slinging character really packs a punch when it comes to being one of the most well developed and successful superhero of all time.If you pay close attention you’ll see why. This appreciation note is just a very small portion on what spider man portrays. Spider-man is just the best.”


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