Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4 Review


300px-Miles_Morales_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Vol_1_4Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-man #4

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

Colorist: Justin Ponsor

Overwhelmed with guilt about keeping secrets from his girlfriend, worried about his father, and baffled by the sudden reappearance of Peter Parker, Miles Morales has found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place. As if things weren’t bad enough already, Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) is on the loose again and Miles has unfortunately made contact with the green behemoth at the very site of Peter Parker’s supposed death…

The Ups: My favorite thing about this series and especially in this issue is Brian Michael Bendis’ writing when it comes to character dialogue. Bendis has the unique gift of capturing the true essence of human conversation and convey that same feeling through the characters. For example, Katie Bishop, Miles’ girlfriend, is reeling and emotionally unstable after learning about her boyfriend’s secret double…

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