Comic Book Character Appreciation #1-Dick Grayson


The Creator B.P- Wow!I know I had such a growth with Dick Grayson. I actually have to say he is the guy who resembles me as a person most.I’ve always held this connection with Dick Grayson. The adventurous, brave, serious yet easy-going always suited to my taste/(Maybe because its my personality as well.) I always viewed my dad as Batman. It’s crazy because he acts like Bruce as well. Showing 2 sides of his personality. Not because he has character issues but because he knows what to provide to the world while keeping his analytical and very serious side to himself.He throws a facade but anyways..I always put myself in Dick’s shoes. He is the first son.So am I. I carry the load of 3 younger brothers.Just like Dick and so much more. He has taught me to always be who you are. He has struggled with abiding to someone expectations(Batman) but as he grew into Nightwing, he grew his own persona. Just like I did when I transformed into a man. It was no more being lead by my parents.I had to do what I had to do and grow into my own character. His big brother role,his leadership, his attitude…..almost everything that you will see in Dick, you’ll see in me.This is in fact my favorite superhero.I appreciate the fact he was created.


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